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Editing and Writing

Our experienced writers and editors can tackle everything from executive summaries to entire reports, whether a country assistance strategy, a sector review, a strategy document, or a book.

Structural and substantive editing. We edit the text for balance, readability, and clarity and consistency of exposition, bringing each chapter to a high standard. We work according to the plan agreed to during the content review. We also work with the chapter authors to clarify dense or ambiguous passages, eliminate wordiness and repetition, write openings and transitions, and add, delete, and rework headings to better reveal the line of argument.

Technical and copy editing. For each chapter we ensure the technical and editorial integrity of all elements: text, boxes, charts, tables, and notes. We query the authors on apparent inconsistencies and possible misstatements, especially those related to numbers and terms used in the text. We also offer alternative phrasings to ensure the felicity of discourse throughout.

We review the entire manuscript for grammar, spelling, and the consistency of style and format (use of capitals, numbers, symbols, and other style sheet elements), cross-checking all references and ensuring that all bibliographic elements are complete and in the agreed style. We check, in addition, for the completeness and accuracy of the tables, figures, boxes, references, and endnotes and their callouts.