We're re-launching our ClearWriter blog, with postings by writers and editors at Communications Development Incorporated.

    We're also updating our ClearEdits editing software, with versions for individuals, companies, and the cloud. ClearEdits 4.0 offers major improvements over previous versions, the most important being support for Microsoft Word 2010 and Windows 7. ClearEdits 4.0 also includes streamlined editorial advice, fewer false positives, and new editorial rules. And like earlier versions, ClearEdits 4.0 is highly customizable, allowing you to choose which categories of edits to use, and to add elements of your personal or organizational style with MyEdits.

    We've just completed World Development Report 2012 on Gender and Development for the World Bank. We have edited this publication for the World Bank since the 1980s.

    For UNICEF we completed the design, editing, and production of Malaria and children: Progress in intervention coverage. Taking advantage of the book's four-color format, we selected more than 30 photos, used throughout the book, to give readers compelling visuals to accompany the narrative of the progress being made against the devastation caused by malaria among children.

    For Mathematica Policy Research we're editing, designing, and producing Issues & Answers reports by the U.S. Department of Education's 10 Regional Educational Laboratories, an ongoing series of reports from short-term Fast Response Projects on education issues of importance at local, state, and regional levels.

    For the Center for Global Development we did the editing, layout, and production of Exclusion, Gender and Education. A companion to Inexcusable Absence, this work presents case studies of girls' education in developing countries and the limits of standard education development strategies.

    We completed the technical editing of volume 25 of The World Bank Economic Review, the most recent in an ongoing effort going back more than 10 years.

    For the United Nations Development Programme we completed the technical editing, layout, and production of Human Development Report 2012 Sustainability and Equity. This report used its creative layout and design to further enhance and better express the issues grappled within the text itself.

    We redesigned and reconfigured Africa Development Indicators 2011 for the World Bank, making it more user friendly and integrating design and content. We participated in the writing and drafting of the book and edited and laid out the book and its companion publication, The Little Data Book on Africa.

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